The Vagina is Scary


Remember this chalkboard drawing?

Help me bring awareness to ignorant policies, that affect the women of this country, with a t-shirt!

My name is Frieda and I am an artist, with a vagina, in Los Angeles. 

Even though my own reproductive organs are nearing their expiration date I believe in a woman’s right to make medical decisions without government interference. When the men of SCOTUS made their latest decisions that affect women’s reproductive rights I became enraged. This country is gun crazy and vaginaphobic. How is it that a person can freely walk into their local restaurant with an AK over their shoulder but a woman can’t walk up to their affordable gynecologist without being verbally assaulted by anti-choice morons?  It’s madness.

I have had this image, “More Regulated Than”, in mind for while and I can no longer keep it to myself.  At Skylight Books, in Los Feliz, I had Jenn Witte draw this image on the wall of one of our display windows. She posted it on her Tumblr,, and got 60,000+ hits and reposts! Apparently, there’s an opportunity here to get this image out there and do some good in the process.

The Vagina is Scary



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